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Administration & Budgeting

Precise Analytics. Meticulous Tracking.

You already have to deal with an avalanche of tasks during production. You don’t need the added weight of data tracking and tedious paperwork required to capture your incentive. Let us do the heavy lifting and take the administrative load off your shoulders.

We work with the jurisdiction, lender, and investors, and furnish the required data and documentation to make sure you get the most from your incentive. We have the tools—the processing, analytical and reporting capabilities – to do it for you accurately.

What you get:

  • Budget review (based on your script and schedule)
  • Budget vetting to satisfy lenders, tax credit purchasers and investors
  • Location advice based on jurisdiction analysis
  • Application process management, including follow-up, additional filings and document submissions
  • Document management and facilitation among all parties, such as accountants, state film offices, revenue departments and auditors
  • Eligible expenditure tracking
  • Special waiver negotiation
  • Advice on the right legal structure for your production

Get the most from your incentive today.

For more information, please contact:
John Hadity | 646.473.9016      Joseph D. Chianese | 818.955.6242
Scott Brant | 203.291.9399      Melissa Wiseman | 615.920.5847