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Advisory Services

Where the global industry turns for expert advice.

When the industry requires expertise on production incentives, they turn to EP Financial Solutions.

Our team provides advice, guidance and the facts on these complex issues comprehensively and efficiently. Our constant monitoring of legislative and regulatory changes means you have the latest information on production incentives in the United States and internationally. We can give you the insight you need to maximize your incentive potential and help get your project underway!

Why leave things to chance?

Now you’ve worked hard to secure production incentives, so don’t put them in jeopardy. Once you’ve locked in your incentives, let EP manage your payroll to track and capture your eligible expenditures.

EP Financial Solutions is more than production incentives. We are a subsidiary of Entertainment Partners, the global leader in integrated production management services. No one else has the depth of knowledge and breadth of services to help manage your project from start to finish with a single point of contact.

EP brings together unprecedented knowledge, efficiency, and time and cost savings to productions so you can make smarter decisions.

All Inclusive Benefits

There’s no separating incentives and payroll. When you let us handle your payroll, you’ll receive professional guidance, consultation, and representation from EP Financial Solutions at no extra charge. Or contact us for Individualized Consulting

For more information, please contact:
Joseph D. Chianese| 818.955.6242      John Hadity | 646.473.9016