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Canada - Newfoundland and Labrador

Eligible Production Types

  • Feature Films
  • Scripted Television
  • Reality Television
  • Documentaries
  • Animation
  • Interactive Media/Video Games
  • Webisodes
  • Talk Shows
  • Game Shows
  • Live Events
  • Commercials

Location Production Needs

  • Rural
  • Suburban
  • Snow
  • Tropical
  • Beaches/Ocean
  • Mountains
  • Lakes/Rivers
  • Deserts
  • Forests
  • City

Newfoundland & Labrador Film Development Corporation

Chris Bonnell

12 King's Bridge Road

St. Johns, NL A1C 3K3



40% Refundable Tax Credit

Project Criteria

C$4M per 12-month period

Qualified Spend/Bonus

More than 25% of salaries and wages paid by production company must be paid to eligible NL employees for work performed in NL.

Program Guidelines

December 31, 2018


Additional Considerations

Incentive is stackable with Canada's Federal Tax Incentive.

Check each jurisdiction for up-to-date information on production incentives. Then, use our side-by-side comparison tool to assure you’re getting the incentive that’s right for you.