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EPFS Quick Alert – Louisiana Update” — EP Financial Solutions, July 18, 2017

See an overview of some of the recent changes in the Louisiana incentive program.

Artisans Feature: Portugal Incentives” — Variety, July 14, 2017

Portugal steps into the film incentives fray with a 25% refundable tax credit.

June EPFS Newsletter” — EP Financial Solutions, June 29, 2017

Check out the latest legislative updates and news for domestic and international jurisdictions. Also, see a funding update for every jurisdiction as of July 1, 2017.

Artisans Feature: San Antonio Rebate” — Variety, June 23, 2017

San Antonio tax rebate can be added to the Texas cash grant for an incentives boost.

Artisans Feature: New Zealand Grant” — Variety, June 16, 2017

New Zealand's scenery and visual effects wizardry pull in high-end film productions.

Artisans Feature: Ireland Rebate” — Variety, June 2, 2017

Ireland entices filmmakers with green landscapes, stone farmhouses, and a generous rebate.

Artisans Feature: France’s TRIP Incentive” — Variety, May 19, 2017

Wonder Woman, Dunkirk take advantage of France's TRIP incentive.

Artisans Feature: Hawaii Incentive” — Variety, May 26, 2017

Hawaii lures filmmakers with generous tax breaks.

May EPFS Newsletter” — EP Financial Solutions, May 23, 2017

Check out the latest domestic and international jurisdiction updates as of May 2017.

Artisans Feature: Canary Islands Cinema” — Variety, May 5, 2017

Spain's Canary Islands attract productions with exotic locations and a generous rebate.

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