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Artisans Feature: Filming in the City of Fountains” — Variety, February 17, 2017

Producers Sing "Kansas City, Here I Come" Following Passage of 7.5% Rebate Program.

February EPFS Newsletter” — EP Financial Solutions, February 15, 2017

With most states beginning their Legislative sessions, a plethora of film tax incentive bills have been introduced.

Artisans Feature: Film in Finland” — Variety, February 10, 2017

Finland beckons filmmakers with unique locations and a 25% cash rebate.

Artisans Feature: Production in the Northwest” — Variety, February 3, 2017

Washington State pulls in producers with its incentives and unique vibe.

Joe Chianese Featured in Winston Baker Newsletter” — Winston Baker, January 31, 2017

Joe Chianese was featured in Winston Baker’s newsletter under “Dealmaker Spotlight.”

Proposed Bill to Increase NM Cap” —, January 31, 2017

Democrats propose bill to increase film incentive cap.

Artisans Feature: The Treasures of Thailand” — Variety, January 27, 2017

Thailand lures productions with beautiful landscapes and a 15% rebate.

Artisans Feature: Small State, Big Tax Credit” — Variety, January 20, 2017

Rhode Island is the smallest state but offers a big tax credit for film and TV production.

January EPFS Newsletter” — EP Financial Solutions, January 18, 2017

Check out the latest legislative updates and news for domestic and international jurisdictions. Also, see a funding update for every jurisdiction as of January 1, 2017.

Artisans Feature: Filming in Fiji” — Variety, January 6, 2017

Fiji lures producers with one of the world's highest tax rebates.

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