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U.S. Updates
For more information on incentives in each state, visit the Production Incentives map on our website and click on the state of interest.

The Arizona Commerce Authority has teamed with GoDaddy Inc. founder Bob Parsons to create a new film office, called Studio 48. Parsons’ company YAM Worldwide will contribute half of the funding ($250K) to Studio 48. (See Phoenix Business Journal)

Dwayne Johnson’s HBO series Ballers is moving to California from Florida for its third season and has been conditionally approved to receive an $8.3M tax credit from the state. Over the show’s next 10 episodes to be shot in California, it plans to employ 135 cast members, 209 base crew members, and 5,700 extras. (See Variety)

SB 235 would allow a television program produced in the state during the first six months of the 2017 calendar year to be certified as a tax-eligible production for fiscal year 2018, even though the production is commenced before the start of the fiscal year. A credit awarded under this rule cannot exceed $12M and must count against the 2018 fiscal annual cap.

A state oversight panel in Oklahoma voted late November to retain 10 business incentives, including the film rebate program, after its consultants rescinded a recommendation to repeal these incentives. (See Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise)

The Kansas City Film Office was revived back in 2014 and Film Commissioner Steph Scupham says she is looking to attract a steady stream of TV shows, commercials, music videos, educational and industrial projects, and shorts that pump a steady stream of dollars into the local economy. (See KCPT Flatland)

Late last month, Governor Andrew Cuomo vetoed more than 70 bills, including The Empire State Music Production Tax Credit. The bill would have offered a 25% tax credit on eligible production spend for qualified music businesses in NYC and 35% for music businesses in upstate NY. (See Times-Union)

LC 2399 would extend the sunset date for the Greenlight Oregon Labor Rebate from December 31, 2018 to December 31, 2024. The program offers productions a rebate of up to 6.2% of Oregon-based payroll, and can be combined with the Oregon Production Investment Fund for a total of 16.2% on qualifying production payroll.

The state has prefiled S 74, which allows committed and uncommitted funds to be carried over to the next fiscal year. This bill also removes the funding distinctions between “wage” and “supplier,” so that if one of the funds is depleted, it would be allowed to take money from the other fund.

The state prefiled SF 24, which would recreate the Film Industry Financial Incentive Program, to be administered by the Wyoming Tourism Board. The program would allow productions to receive up to a 15% rebate on qualified expenditures, with a minimum spend of $200K. The prior program reached its sunset date on June 30, 2016.

International Updates

For more information on incentives around the world, visit our website and click on the country of interest.

Argentina’s film authorities have unveiled a dedicated public-sector incentive support for genre and fantastic cinema, as well as web series production and development. Incentives will be adjudicated in five categories: first feature, shorts, web series, web series development, and feature screenwriting. (See Variety)

Film and TV production spending rose by nearly £7M in Scotland during 2015, according to new government figures. These figures represent the third year in a row of growth for the country and going into 2017, much of the production industry conversation in Scotland is likely to focus on long-mooted plans for a major studio facility, which would help boost the country’s international appeal. (See The Knowledge)

Slovak Audiovisual Fund will increase funding up to €7M in 2017, representing a 12% increase compared to 2016. Also, international projects benefiting from the 20% cash rebate, will receive up to €4.5M in 2017. (See Film New Europe)

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US Incentives Map Winter 2016-2017

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