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Updates by Jurisdiction

U.S. Updates

For more information on incentives in each state, visit the Production Incentives map on our website and click on the state of interest.

SB 103 was signed by the Governor, which states that the film office shall not issue film production incentives until the production company and film office have entered into a contract in accordance with the procurement code.

HB 5183 was introduced, which would require the Secretary of the Office of Policy and Management to conduct a study regarding the planning, development, and financing of entertainment districts by municipalities and submit a report no later than January 1, 2019.

HB 1738 was introduced, which would transfer the Division of Film and Digital Media to a bureau within the Division of Travel and Tourism and would provide that the bureau oversee the marketing and promotion of film and digital media for the purpose of strengthening the cultural, educational, and economic impact of media production in the state.

HB 7935 was introduced, which would exclude reality television shows from eligibility for the tax credit, remove the $5M per project cap, increase the credit from 25% to 30%, and repeal the sunset provisions on the program.

HB 4541, which would have reinstated the film tax credits removed in SB 263 (effective July 1, 2018), has failed.

SB 32, which would have created a grant fund to encourage film and entertainment production within West Virginia, has failed.

International Updates

For more information on incentives around the world, visit our website and click on the country of interest.

After months of analyzing the needs of producers and the market for theatrical and television productions, the Italian government has created an enhanced incentive for foreign productions filming in Italy. While details of the new incentive have yet to be made official, we will update the Italy page on the EP Financial Solutions website as soon as they become available.

EPFS Locations Spotlight

EP Financial Solutions is a primary contributor to Variety‘s “Artisans” Feature, spotlighting various filming locations around the world. Here are the locations we have covered in recent weeks.

Serbia, the largest of the countries that made up the now-defunct nation of Yugoslavia, recently increased its cash-rebate filming incentive to 25% of qualified spend. That alone should bring more in production, but Serbia also boasts some achingly picturesque vistas along the Danube river and against the Carpathian mountains.

Blue-blood wealth and historic mansions, small-town New England charm, and a picturesque coastline of bays and inlets all blend in this little state — an easy drive or Amtrak ride from the production mega-hub of New York City and a just a short hop from Boston. Further enticing producers, Rhode Island also offers a 25% transferable tax credit on qualified spend.

EPFS in the News

Entertainment Partners participated in a Los Angeles Times article discussing how Hollywood studios are benefiting from European countries offering production incentives. Joe Chianese was quoted on how some European countries don’t impose caps on their programs, bringing a lot of certainty to the jurisdiction. Read the entire article here.

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